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The best flooring solution for outdoor sports areas. A floor with vertical and lateral cushioning that offers unique comfort for outdoor sports combined with water drainage, allowing it to be used without restriction every day of the year.

The 100% Portuguese flooring is designed to improve outdoor sports practice. Quick installation, no maintenance costs and a proven 18-year guarantee!

Certificação FIBA

FIBA 3×3 certification plays a crucial role in the world of 3×3 basketball. The certification ensures that 3×3 basketball events respect the standards set by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), thus guaranteeing the quality and integrity of the competitions.

The importance of FIBA 3×3 certification is evident in several respects. Firstly, it gives players, organisers and fans the confidence that they are participating in or watching an event that follows the rules and regulations set by basketball’s world governing body, promoting a fair and exciting competitive environment.

The importance of a FIBA 3×3 certified sports floor is fundamental to the practice of 3×3 basketball and the organisation of high-level competitions:

1.Quality standards: FIBA 3×3 certification guarantees that the floor meets the strict standards set by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). This ensures the quality of the floor, providing a consistent and safe playing environment for the athletes.

2.Player safety: A FIBA 3×3 certified floor is designed to minimise the risk of injury to players. It offers adequate strength to absorb impact, sufficient grip to prevent skidding and a flat surface to reduce falls.

3.Improved performance: The FIBA 3×3 certified floor contributes to the performance of athletes. It allows for quick movements, precise cuts and safe jumps, which is essential for high-level 3×3 basketball.

4.Regulatory compliance: The certification guarantees that the floor complies with all rules and regulations set by FIBA for 3×3 basketball. This is crucial for the organisation of official competitions and the validity of the results.

5. Credibility and recognition: Having a FIBA 3×3 certified floor gives credibility to the venue, which can attract prestigious events such as national and international tournaments, as well as increasing the prestige of the venue as a quality basketball centre.

6. Sport development: FIBA 3×3 certification promotes the development of the sport of 3×3 basketball, encouraging more people to get involved in the sport and participate in competitions, thus boosting the popularity of 3×3 basketball worldwide.

In short, a FIBA 3×3 certified sports floor is essential to ensure the safety, quality and performance of 3×3 basketball competitions and practices. It also contributes to the growth and prestige of the sport, promoting an ideal environment for athletes and fans to enjoy the sport safely.

Sporting advantages

Various disciplines
Floor suitable/tested for all sports, including roller sports.

Non-glare matt finish

Flooring with a matt finish that eliminates light reflections and increases grip levels.
levels of grip.

Excellent levels of grip

The surface has a special microtexture that provides excellent levels of grip for any sport.


The only sports floor that offers vertical and lateral cushioning, providing unparalleled levels of comfort and reducing the level of injuries, thus protecting athletes.

Various sports certifications

Flooring certified by several national and international sports federations in various disciplines, including being the official flooring of several national teams.


Modular flooring is not susceptible to bacteria and fungi, and is hygienic and easy to clean.

Sound insulation

The continuous damping subfloor between the base and the module provides sound insulation from sports practice and ball bouncing.

Functional Advantages

18-year guarantee
Sports Partner, the official manufacturer, provides an 18-year no-cost guarantee that has already been proven.

No maintenance costs
All you need is a broom and a damp mop to maintain your modular flooring.

Various colors
A wide range of colors is available, allowing you to customize the floor to your liking.

The continuous cushioning subfloor between the base and the module acts as a moisture barrier, providing the waterproofing that comes from the base while maintaining excellent levels of adhesion to the surface.

Easy and quick to repair
If necessary, the modules can be replaced quickly.

Sports markings
Possibility of making sports markings in the factory for faster installation.

Advertising can be placed by changing the modules.

Removable floor
Not fixed or glued to the floor, allowing the floor to be easily moved from one place to another.

Safety hazard on floors with abrasive surfaces with large holes that allow children’s fingers to slip through and small stones to get in.

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