Naxos Air Evolution indoor sports flooring was developed on the basis of feedback from various professionals in the world of sport (top athletes, coaches and doctors), which allowed us to develop a unique and distinctive indoor sports flooring on the market with a 6.5 mm wavy-shaped cushioning fabric with an air box effect that provides unique comfort.

Detail of the Module

Unique comfort

The polypropylene module rests on a 6.5 mm thick rubber mesh with a wavy shape, which produces cushioning with an air-box effect. It provides vertical and lateral cushioning that is completely uniform and continuous throughout the floor, providing unique comfort for your athletes’ sports practice;

Biomechanical protection improves performance

The fabric provides biomechanical protection, making it the best solution for sports that require athletes to rotate and articulate;

Less moisture + more grip

The rubber mesh creates a barrier to the barrier coming from the base, keeping the floor surface with excellent levels of grip for sports practice;

  • Absorption of unevenness in the base;
  • Absorption of small unevennesses and irregularities in the base;
  • Acoustic insulation;
    Reduces noise caused by sports practice and ball bouncing;
  • Official flooring of the Handball Federation of Portugal.


Naxos Air Evolution has been named the official sports flooring of the Handball Federation of Portugal, the Swiss Handball Federation and the Italian Handball Federation, thanks to its great advantages.

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functional advantages


This floor is customisable and offers multiple choices in the colour and marking of sports lines, making it possible to advertise directly on the floor itself.


Dimensions of each plate: 25 x 25 x 1.75 cm

Flatness: 0.0 mm

Resistance to solvents: Excellent

Paint receptivity: Very good

Lateral Remission: between 0.0 and 1.2 mm
Board fixing: 7 male-female locking points

Antibacterial product: not susceptible to bacterial and fungal growth

Application: On a solid, flat surface

Cleaning: Easy

Colours: Various

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