Naxos Flex Sports Flooring Continues in the District of Bragança!

Naxos Flex Sports Flooring Continues in the District of Bragança!

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Innovation and differentiation are part of Sports Partner’s DNA.

Through our know-how we manufacture a new sports floor with you and your athletes in mind. We present a new polypropylene sports flooring solution with numerous advantages, where athletes in the Bragança region will find unique and innovative features.

Our exclusive product was developed taking into account the various requirements demanded by the sporting community to guarantee excellent sporting practice.

The combination of our polypropylene module, already known in all four corners of the world, with the foam fabric, creates a new modular sports floor with several differentiating features, where we guarantee our athletes extra comfort, thus reducing their fatigue rates:

– Create an anti-humidity barrier (thus maintaining the excellent levels of adhesion of the floor)

– Eliminate existing unevenness in the base

– Excellent damping of vertical and lateral impacts

– Sound insulation (sports/ball bounce)

With its exclusive advantages, we ensure that maintenance costs are non-existent, thus providing a 15-year real warranty from the manufacturer Sports Partner.

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Because where there is sport there is Sports Partner!