Frequently Asked Questions

Orders have a processing time of 2 to 15 working days.(except for stock shortages);

Orders with personalisation can be processed in another 2 to 4 working days;

Infrastructure orders will have to be discussed.

If you haven’t received your order yet, it may be taking longer due to a missing product;
If your order is in [ completed ] status and you haven’t received it yet, there may be a problem with the carrier;
Contact us using the form or the telephone number at the bottom of the page to find out the status of your order.

Orders are properly checked and sealed, confirming that the packaging and tape are undamaged upon receipt.
We will exchange them immediately after checking and authenticating the error.
Take a photo and send us the images and description.

48 hours after verification of non-compliance;
Bank transfer, in which case we can request the iban for the transfer.

Get in touch via our email: