Revolution in Uruguay’s sports halls

Revolution in Uruguay’s sports halls

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In 2020, Sports Partner won an international competition to equip 10 sports halls in Uruguay, to be built throughout the country, some in rural areas with little access to sports infrastructure. We were aware of it being a project with great social impact, but we never imagined it would touch so many lives.

This was a project that made the Sports Partner team extremely proud as we were the first Portuguese company in the area of sports infrastructure to win an international competition of this size.


Among the various equipment available in the 10 new sports halls in Uruguay, there are around 10,000 m2 of Naxos Air Evolution sports flooring, modular indoor flooring with air-box cushioning certified and suitable for various sports and chosen by numerous National Federations and Internationals as the official floor.

After the inauguration, the turnout and use of the sports facilities exceeded all expectations. From schools to classes for the elderly in the morning/afternoon, to federated sports teams in the afternoon/evening, the turnout for the spaces is simply incredible. Another interesting feature is that the 40×20 meter indoor sports floor with official markings for futsal, handball, basketball and volleyball has revolutionized sports in the country, with several organized tournaments that can have between 600 and 900 participants per event.

Above all, we are proud to be part of projects that will improve and energize the practice of sports, as this is what makes us grow and want to be better, the love of sport and how good it is for us.


The NAXOS AIR EVOLUTION Sports Flooring is every athlete’s dream flooring!
It combines all the advantages of modular flooring with the unique comfort of air box cushioning.
With 100% Portuguese manufacturing, several national/international sporting certifications and a 15-year warranty, it is selected for the most demanding competitions and various disciplines in Portugal and around the world.

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