Sport on the beach and the precautions to be taken

Sport on the beach and the precautions to be taken

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It was precisely one year ago that we participated in and won the PME Heroes awards!

SME Heroes The “SME Heroes” initiative focuses on the visibility and recognition of small and medium-sized companies that stand out in the business world. According to this organization, the emphasis given to SMEs participating in this “contest” comes from companies that have “embraced and overcome demanding business challenges, in which they had to demonstrate ambition, courage, persistence and resilience.”

Selection of Companies

All companies that meet the necessary conditions to participate in this competition are evaluated and selected through two phases. The first is done through voting by users registered on the online platform of this initiative, where they determine the 10 finalists. The second is done by choosing a panel of judges who select from the 10 finalists, 5 winning companies.

Sports Partner Winning PME

Sports Partner, having participated in the 2nd edition of the PME heroes, ended up being one of the 5 companies awarded the “SME Heroes” award.

We presented our history, we told how it all started, where it started, where we are and what we want for the future. We are currently in Sintra, in an area of approximately 800m2 where we manufacture 5 product lines: flooring and sports equipment, bench chairs, electronic scoreboards and “Family Sports” sports equipment. We are present in Portugal, Europe and around the world and the ambition is clearly to continue to grow. Winning this award would have been impossible without the contribution and dedication of the entire Sports Partner team. Because Together We Score More Points!

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